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Lamp Removal Tool
LRT Lamp Removal Tool
MB400-X120-4AL1 LED Annunciator Retrofit Lamps SMT Cluster
MB400-X120-4AL1 MB400-X120-4AL1 LED Annunciator Retrofit Lamps SMT Cluster
BB2 Replacement for Westinghouse Minalite
BB2 BB2 Replacement for Westinghouse Minalite
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Contact Us

We are pleased to announce Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) acquisition of Display Products, Inc. (DDP). All operations and customer service functions are being transferred to VCC's facilities.

If you have any questions about your current purchase order or want to place a new order,  please contact VCC customer service:

phone: 1.800.522.5546

The VCC team is pleased to help answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, VCC's website www.vcclite.com provides easy access to other product lines. 

Visual Communications Company, LLC
12780 Danielson Court
Poway, CA 90264
Phone: (800) 522.5546


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