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388LP-X Replaces T-1 Sub-Miniature Lamps Incandescent Lamp #388
388LP-X 388LP-X Replaces T-1 Sub-Miniature Lamps Incandescent Lamp #388
BB4 Replacement for GE ET-16 Lens
BB4 BB4 Replacement for GE ET-16 Lens
BB2 Replacement for Westinghouse Minalite
BB2 BB2 Replacement for Westinghouse Minalite
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About Us

We are pleased to announce Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) acquisition of Display Products, Inc. (DDP). All operations and customer service functions are being transferred to VCC's facilities.

If you have any questions about your current purchase order or want to place a new order,  please contact VCC customer service:

email: customerservice@vcclite.com
phone: 1.800.522.5546

The VCC team is pleased to help answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, VCC's website www.vcclite.com provides easy access to other product lines.

HISTORY  Since 1970, DDP Engineered LED Solutions has pioneered the development of DDP® LED lamps as replacements for incandescent bulbs. The advantages that solid-state LEDs offer are particularly suitable for the utility industry where numerous lamps provide critical indication in control panels. Burned-out incandescent bulbs require costly maintenance and may create safety concerns. Replacing incandescent bulbs with DDP® LED lamps will provide up to ten years of maintenance-free operation.
CUSTOM REQUIREMENTS  This web site represents our products designed specifically for the unique needs of the power generation and transmission and distribution industries. We offer a comprehensive product line to provide direct replacement of almost any indicator lamp being used without modification to existing equipment. Since many stations have unique requirements, DDP engineers have also developed many custom versions of our standard LED lamps.

If you don't find the lamp you need on this web site, please call our technical support number: (800) 421-6815 or visit our main web site for more information: www.ddpleds.com. Our applications engineers are available for technical assistance and provide samples for evaluation.

Thanks for shopping with us!